Community First and Co-operative Banking

Co-operative Banking and your Financial Comfort

Putting our members and communities first

So, what is co-operative banking? If you’ve seen the ads on TV or visited the Co-operative banking site, you know that it’s a program to promote the many benefits that a credit union offers its valued members. Community First has joined this movement to spread the word about what a credit union truly is, and why Ontarians should seriously consider joining.

If you’re a Community First member, you already know what co-operative banking is because you experience it every time you walk into your branch or bank online. For those of you who are new to Community First, the most important thing to recognize is that we share the philosophy co-operative banking is based on—our profits should be returned to you in the form of great rates, personalized service and giving back to our community. These are the fundamental advantages of banking with a credit union.

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