Before your 71st lap around the sun, it's time to start thinking about the next phase of your investment plan.

Until December 31 of the year you turn 71, you can convert your RRSP to an income-generating vehicle. As long as you meet the minimum annual withdrawal required each year (based on the value of the RRIF and the plan holder’s age, or spouse’s age, at the beginning of the year the withdrawal takes place), you can enjoy the benefits of a RRIF. The payments made to you from your RRIF are taxable, but the investment in a RRIF continues to grow tax-deferred until funds are withdrawn. 

Investment Options

RRIFs are available in all the same types as RRSPs.

Community First offers a wide range of RRIF investment options.

The selection of a retirement income option depends entirely on your personal situation:


Present Income & Tax Brackets

Cash Requirements

Estate Preservation Goals

Desired Inflation Protection

At Community First, we'll help determine what type of RRIF investment options will work best for you.

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