Smart Advisor Tips

Smart Advisor Tips

  • Spring Cleaning Tips (PDF - 10.30 MB)

    Spring cleaning creates a fresh start, gets rid of clutter and helps us get back on track with the goals we set at the beginning of the year. Here are our Top 10 Tips for “Spring Cleaning” your finances!
  • Financial Emergency Kit (PDF - 1.43 MB)

    If an emergency happens, would you and your family be ready? This can help you to prepare a well-organized financial emergency kit to help in the event of the unexpected.
  • Financial Health Tips (PDF - 1.71 MB)

    Focus on your financial health with these great Financial Exercises!
  • Holiday Shopping List (PDF - 870.37 KB)

    We've developed this handy shopping list to help you keep track of your holiday spending this year!
  • Tips To Pay Off Debt (PDF - 157.72 KB)

    No one likes have debt looming over their head. We've put together some helpful tips so you can get rid of that pesky debt!
  • Financial Tips for Students (PDF - 497.74 KB)

    Moving on to college or university is an exciting time for any young student. We've put together some great tips to help you save money and reduce your post-education debt!
  • Smart Advisor Home Selling Tips (PDF - 112.42 KB)

    We consulted local experts and our own staff on best practices for selling your home, and what to do (and not do) during this important time.
  • March Fraud Prevention Tips (PDF - 823.84 KB)

    March 2016: Community First staff share their best tips to avoid financial fraud.
  • Smart Advisor Holiday Tips (PDF - 1.86 MB)

    December 2015: Wealth Management Smart Investment Advisors Kim and Chris, share money-saving tips for the holiday season.
  • Smart Advisor New Baby Tips (PDF - 119.42 KB)

    November 2015: Internal Audit Manager Kaitlyn, shares money-saving tips for a new baby.
  • Smart Advisor Wedding Tips (PDF - 949.41 KB)

    August 2015: Marketing & Communications Specialist Kirstin, shares money-saving tips for wedding planning.

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