Smart Advisor Tips

Smart Advisor Tips

  • Financial Emergency Kit (PDF - 1.43 MB)

    If an emergency happens, would you and your family be ready? This can help you to prepare a well-organized financial emergency kit to help in the event of the unexpected.
  • Financial Health Tips (PDF - 1.71 MB)

    Focus on your financial health with these great Financial Exercises!
  • Holiday Shopping List (PDF - 870.37 KB)

    We've developed this handy shopping list to help you keep track of your holiday spending this year!
  • Tips To Pay Off Debt (PDF - 157.72 KB)

    No one likes have debt looming over their head. We've put together some helpful tips so you can get rid of that pesky debt!
  • Financial Tips for Students (PDF - 497.74 KB)

    Moving on to college or university is an exciting time for any young student. We've put together some great tips to help you save money and reduce your post-education debt!
  • Smart Advisor Home Selling Tips (PDF - 112.42 KB)

    We consulted local experts and our own staff on best practices for selling your home, and what to do (and not do) during this important time.
  • March Fraud Prevention Tips (PDF - 823.84 KB)

    March 2016: Community First staff share their best tips to avoid financial fraud.
  • Smart Advisor Holiday Tips (PDF - 1.86 MB)

    December 2015: Wealth Management Smart Investment Advisors Kim and Chris, share money-saving tips for the holiday season.
  • Smart Advisor New Baby Tips (PDF - 119.42 KB)

    November 2015: Internal Audit Manager Kaitlyn, shares money-saving tips for a new baby.
  • Smart Advisor Wedding Tips (PDF - 949.41 KB)

    August 2015: Marketing & Communications Specialist Kirstin, shares money-saving tips for wedding planning.

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