Additional Services

At Community First, we understand that there is more to banking then just providing a convenient place to keep your money. We have options to help you better manage and move your money as you need to.  Here's how we can assist:

Foreign Exchange

Our convenient foreign exchange services allow you to buy and sell Canadian, US, and other currencies securely, quickly, and easily.

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Wire Transfers

As a member, you can use our incoming and outgoing money transfer services to wire funds to any financial institution in Canada, the U.S., and most countries overseas.

Use our wire transfer services to send or receive funds from virtually any financial institution around the world.  Please contact our Service Excellence Center for more information on how to wire funds.

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Safety Deposit Boxes Expand/Collapse

A secure place to protect all your important business and incorporation documents.
Consider keeping important documents in a safety deposit box securely locked inside the vault at your local branch. Only you, can access your box.

Some things you may want to store in your safety deposit box:
  • Property ownership documents: Keep copies of purchase and sale agreements.
  • Investments: Stock certificates, bonds.
  • Credit or instalment records: Keep until debt is paid or as needed.
  • Insurance policies, for your business liability or key person coverage.

Boxes are subject to availability and not all box sizes are available at every branch location.

Direct Deposit Expand/Collapse

With this service, funds are directly deposited into your account. This is a safe and convenient way of handling deposits and you can use our 24 hour access channels to do your banking.

Travel Insurance Expand/Collapse

Our Travel Insurance offers you unique protection rated specifically for the area where you plan to travel. You pay according to your destination, whether you're traveling for business, pleasure, or attending school. Our Travel Insurance gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're protected. It could be your most important travel document.

Order Cheques Expand/Collapse

Place your computer cheque orders easily and conveniently, using Davis & Henderson, our cheque provider.

All D+H computer cheques include security features such as fluorescent fibres, chemical protection, and toner adhesion to help prevent frauds like alterations and duplication.

Visit Davis + Henderson’s website to complete your cheque order.


Please note: if you need to move Canadian or U.S. dollars in small denominations between U.S. or Canadian financial institutions, or are looking for lower-cost alternatives, consider using Interac® e-Transfers service.