Combination Savings

Introducing a New Type of Account

We’ve combined the earning power of a GIC with the flexibility of a savings account, and it’s called the Combination Savings Account!  Your money’s there when you need it, growing when you don’t.

The Combination Savings Account pays higher interest but does have some restrictions.

Sales Period

A Combination Savings Account can only be opened during limited-time sales periods.  If you already have a Combination Savings Account you can make additional deposits during any sales period.
NOW OPEN! April 1st-15th, 2019.

Minimum Deposit

A minimum deposit of $5000 is required to open a Combination Savings Account.


A higher rate is paid for a specific term following the sales period. New special rates will be advertised every three months.

A minimum balance of $5,000 must be maintained to earn the higher interest rate.  If the balance drops below $5,000 the interest rate that will be paid is 0.05%.

Interest is calculated daily on the daily closing balance and paid monthly to your Combination Savings Account, so the sooner you open your account, the sooner you’ll earn higher interest on your savings.

Over $5000 Rate
Campaign Period 1.80% (Special rates advertised every three months)

Under $5000

Campaign Period .05%
Outside of Campaign .05%

Transactions, Withdrawals and Deposits

The Combination Savings Account is intended to be used as a flexible addition to your savings portfolio, and not as an operational account. Some transactions are NOT allowed from this account including, but not limited to loan payments, ATM access and debit card transactions, and transfers to accounts at other financial institutions.


  • You can open a Combination Savings Account in branch;
  • You can make a deposit in the branch, online, by wire transfer or by e-mail money transfer.


  • You can make online transfers from the Combination Savings Account to another Community First account, but not to another Financial Institution
  • You can pay bills (service fee applies);
  • Loan payments are not allowed from this account;
  • Service fees apply to transactions, but there is no monthly fee;
  • A minimum balance of $5,000 must be maintained to earn the higher interest rate. Below $5,000 the account earns the 0.05%.
  • No additional funds can be deposited until the next sales period.

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