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Si vous avez oublié votre code d’accès personnel (CAP) ou que vous n’en avez pas, veuillez entrer en communication avec nous au $CU_PHONE$.

Card Decline Update:

There is an ongoing issue that has been identified with a specific merchant terminal provider who has not updated their point-of-sale terminals. This affects our credit union as well as other financial institutions that have issued new debit cards that support the new CHIP with Interac-mandated changes. If you have been issued one of our new black Member Cards your chip card will be declined at selected merchants that use these terminals. The issue has been identified by the provider and they are currently working to update their terminals. Click here for solutions to assist you in the meantime.
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We’re a straight-talking financial partner who understands the real trials and financial realities of our members' lives today. We’re the kind of partner who would rather use our profits to fuel local growth than let them leave the communities we belong to. We’re the kind of ally that kicks ‘cookie cutter’ solutions to the curb to lay out personalized solutions that actually meet your needs.
We’re all about being a good neighbour.

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How to retire in style

With modern medical advances and increased standards of living, people can plan on spending one quarter of their lives in retirement. Everybody has heard it before: it's never too early to start saving for your retirement. And that's because it's true.

How to save for your first car

As a rule of thumb, the cost of a new car should not exceed 20% of your net income. Once you've got a price range in mind, decide between new or used and leased or financed.


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