Banking System Integration


Over Thanksgiving weekend, we integrated banking systems with Your Neighbourhood Credit Union.  Now, we’re excited to provide you the same great service at each of the 20 branches in our network that you’ve come to expect from your home branch.

Thank you for your patience during this great undertaking. If you have any questions about how our integration may affect you, please read the FAQs below or contact our Service Excellence Centre at 1-866-942-2328 during regular business hours.

Check out the FAQs listed below to more detailed answers to your questions about the system integration.

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    The road to our banking system integration. We'll get there together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a banking system integration? Expand/Collapse

All credit unions use specialized software to handle day-to-day transactions. We will be harmonizing our two banking systems to one integrated platform that can seamlessly serve our entire membership.

Why are we changing? Expand/Collapse

In 2016, Community First and Your Neighbourhood Credit Union started down a path to merge our two credit unions. By integrating our two banking systems, we’re unifying our banking platform to serve our members better at all locations.

When is the banking system integration happening? Expand/Collapse

The banking system integration took place between October 5th and 8th, 2018. 

How will members benefit from this change? Expand/Collapse

Once the weekend is over, members will be able to visit any of the 20 branches in our network and experience the same great service they enjoy at their home branch. If members are travelling or have kids at school away from home, staying connected will be seamless. This scheduled technology project will fully amalgamate the organization, simplifying our banking system infrastructure and streamlining our support services so we can focus more of our time on what matters – our members!

Will my money be safe? Expand/Collapse

Yes. Our members’ money is our utmost concern. That’s why we’ve had a team of trained professionals working on Integration for the past 18 months. Our team has tested and verified that data will transfer to our new integrated system correctly. For peace of mind, members may want to retain their last statement.

Will there be any changes to business accounts? Expand/Collapse

There will be no changes to your business accounts, but if you own or manage a business and you need to make deposits or process transactions, please ensure these are completed before business hours close on October 5th.

No transactions or night drops will be processed over Integration Weekend, and you will not be able to log in to online banking.

Members who are depositing into our night depository over Integration Weekend will see these funds deposited directly to their account the first banking day following Integration.

Will there be changes to my Personal Access Code (PAC) for Online Banking? Expand/Collapse

You do not have to change your Personal Access Code as a result of the banking system integration, but you may if you wish. Online and mobile passwords will no longer have to match your telephone banking PIN. This means you have the option to create a more complex 6-8 digit alpha numeric password with special characters for online banking. To change your PAC, log in to Online Banking on the desktop version of the website, click 'Profile and Preferences' and select 'Change Personal Access Code'.

Will there be any changes to my statements or on-line transaction summary? Expand/Collapse

Community First members will see more detailed statements, with more transactional details so you are even more in the loop than ever before.  This will provide you with greater visibility and ability to manage all transactions as they are happening.

Will my bill payees and bill payment methods be changing? Expand/Collapse

A new Online Banking feature allows you to assign new bill payees a nickname to help organize your banking. If you wish to rename any of your existing bill payees, simply delete them and re-add them with your desired payee nickname. To nickname your bill payees, log in to Online Banking on the desktop version of the website, click 'Payments' and select 'Add/Delete Payees'.

Are there any changes to my membership? Expand/Collapse

No, there will be no changes to your membership.

Are there any other changes I should be aware of? Expand/Collapse

Our bank and transit numbers changed ahead of Integration. We are working diligently behind the scenes to ensure there are no service disruption to you, and have already transitioned a number of your pre-authorized debits and credits on your behalf. However to make the transition seamless, please ensure all your pre-authorized debits and credits have been changed to the new bank and transit information by November 30th, 2018. Our staff can help you identify the pre-authorizations that need to change. Click here for more information on this change.

Existing Financial Institution Number 834
NEW Financial Institution Number  828
Existing Transit Number  00012
NEW Transit Number  03832

In April 2016 when the merger vote went through, we were assured that the name of the credit union would not change. Does this integration affect that? Expand/Collapse

Absolutely not - our credit union will still operate as Community First, a Division of Your Neighbourhood Credit Union. The only difference is that we will come together under one consolidated banking platform.

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