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Credit Union's - Cooperatively Owned

Community First, like all credit unions, is cooperatively owned and democratically controlled by its members.

Members are our only owners. To become a member, an individual invests $5.00 in Membership Shares. These shares are eligible to earn an annual dividend.

Accountability to our members is our main priority. Community First is directly accountable to its member-owners. This accountability and member involvement is implemented in the following ways:

Our Annual Meeting

All members are invited to the Annual Meeting, usually held in April. Each member has an equal voice and equal vote at the Annual Meeting. Members vote on by-laws and discuss issues and policies with their board and management.

An Elected Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is democratically elected by the members. The board is responsible for setting policies and overseeing operations of the Credit Union.

Member Access to the Top

If members are not receiving satisfactory service, or have concerns or suggestions about policies and programs, they are welcome to contact the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or the Board directly.


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