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10 Reasons to Join Community First!

See our list below for the 10 reasons to join Community First.

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Our profits are your profits. Community First is jointly owned by its members. All of our profits benefit members in the form of dividends, improved services, financial reserves and community donations. Any individual, organization or business can join Community First by making a minimal investment of $5 in membership shares.

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We listen to you. As a member and owner, you have a voice and a stake in the credit union. Member feedback helps us continually improve our products, programs and policies.

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You elect a Board of Directors that is accountable to you, the members. Each member has an equal vote at the Annual Meeting to elect the Board. The Board of Directors are your representatives, and as a member, you can speak to them directly.

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You can enjoy consumer-friendly practices, such as competitive rates, and special offers.

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You can access innovative products. For example, Community First provides Ethical Funds, a popular group of mutual funds screened to include only companies that are meeting high standards in both financial and social performance.

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We offer a complete selection of financial services and products including loans, lines of credit, mortgages, transaction accounts, and investment products.  We also have a Wealth Management Team that offers a full range of insurance and investment services!

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Enjoy 24-hour access to your Community First accounts at six Community First ATM locations throughout the cities of Sault Ste. Marie and Timmins.  Additionally benefit from convenient access to your accounts at over 2,300 full-service ATMs across Canada, without paying additional surcharges through THE EXCHANGE™ Network.

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Community First offers convenient Internet and Telephone banking as well as Interac®, PLUS, through the ATM and Direct Payment system.

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Our social responsibility is a serious commitment. Community First is committed to providing the best quality service to our members along with developing products and policies that support the well-being of our membership, employees and community. As an Imagine Caring Company member, we direct a high percentage of pre-tax profits to community donations.

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Community First has been in the business for more than half a century. Our purpose has evolved, while still based on our guiding principles, it now incorporates the concept of financial comfort.

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