ATM Electronic Bill Payments

Simple and Convenient

The Electronic Bill Payment feature at our ATMs makes paying bills simple. When you select this feature at our ATM, the ATM will now display a list (of up to 30) of your bill payees automatically on screen. Simply select the bill payee you wish to pay.

Faster Service

Choosing to pay your bills at the ATM using the Electronic Bill Payment feature means you pay your bills even faster, resulting in you banking smarter.

Save Time

Avoid having to wait in line at a branch to pay your bills, use Electronic Bill Payment at a Community First ATM when it's convenient for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Don't have your bill with you? No need to drive back home, it's not necessary - using our ATM Electronic Bill Payment feature means the actual bill isn't needed. Just enter the amount you wish to pay and away you go. It's that easy.

Goodbye ATM envelope - hello faster service. No need to enclose your bill, cheque, or cash.

Don't have any Bill Payees set up?

Streamline your bill payments by adding a list of regular bill payees to your account. Call or visit your local branch today to get started. Rest assured, if you have paid a bill before at one of our Community First branches, this feature is available immediately for you to use, no need to contact us. A list of your bill payees will automatically be displayed on the ATM screen once you select this new feature.


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