Entrepreneur Investor

You never miss an opportunity to grow your business - and we’re right there with you.

We look at your business as a whole, and that gives us an edge when it comes to recommending options and providing solutions. We offer options from retirement planning to short term flexible investments that put your business income to work for you.

Protecting your Business: Expand/Collapse

Your business can be like another child. You’ve poured time and money into your passion to make a viable business, but if it depends on your ability to actively generate income, your absence can have a significant impact. Only planning ahead can mitigate the risk.

Life Insurance
A vital piece of building and securing your business’ financial future, is by protecting yours. You never know what’s coming and life insurance can help protect what matters most.

Succession and Estate Planning
When you run your own business, it's hard to ever think of a time when you might pass the baton to someone else. To ensure you’re wishes are fulfilled keeping an organized, well-maintained estate and will is of utmost importance.

Tax-Efficient Solutions: Expand/Collapse

Corporate tax regulations are a jungle. Understanding the various federal and provincial taxes that apply to you and your business is crucial to getting the most out of your investments - but it can also feel like you’re getting bogged down. Lucky for you we’re highly adept at navigating the pitfalls and getting you where you need to go.

Tax Smart Investments and Withdrawals
You obviously want to get the most out of your savings. We want that too so we’ve built an array of Tax-Free Savings accounts to make it happen. We’re talking modern solutions, with no taxes on interest or investment earnings, and withdrawals that don’t affect your federal income-tested benefits and credits. We’re talking investment plans that range from deposit-type savings accounts, mutual funds, and self-directed plans. We’re talking plans that work for you.

Canada has a global reputation for niceness and a generous tax credit system for charitable donations, (two things that make us proud to be a Canadian company). The Charitable Donations Tax Credit can be up to 29% at the federal level, and 24% on the provincial level depending on your province. So, once you’ve done your good turn by making a donation to our shared community, let us do ours by helping you get the most out of your return.

Group Benefits and RRSP Programs: Expand/Collapse

Your employees are like your family and they’re integral to your business success. So, take care of your talent (and stay competitive) by offering benefits that work.

Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
Prepare for the future with your employees in mind. At the same time avoiding the large legal and financial commitments of traditional pension plans.

Group Health Benefits
Protect your employees and keep them happy and healthy while you all benefit from pooled resources, group discounts, and even tax deductions. (Did we mention, you’ll also get a dedicated plan admin, so it’s crazy easy to implement!?)

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