Hands-On Investor

You’re the boss - we’re just here to help.

Like a good sidekick, we’re here to advise, optimize, and keep an eye on the details. You’re completely in charge of the decisions around your money (what a concept!) and we’re in charge of ensuring those are the best possible decisions, without stepping on your toes or charging for services you didn’t ask for.

We think getting involved and getting smarter with your money is a good thing, and it’s about time you were rewarded for it.

Your Full Financial Picture Expand/Collapse

Your entire financial picture, all in one place. Making it easy to line up your goals and analyze your accounts to find high fees, idle cash, and out of line holdings. Hands-on Investing has never been easier.

Optimizing Your Holdings Expand/Collapse

Two heads are better than one. We’ll review your investments and keep an eye out for you - optimizing your investments to protect them from market volatility and tax implications while taking advantage of all possible tax benefits.

Running a Portfolio of Your Own Design Expand/Collapse

Presenting brilliant banking decisions starring; you. Stay connected with an online portfolio directed by yours truly. Invest, build, and monitor your holdings, even access market info with our online investing partner Qtrade. Keep your wealth within reach - wherever, whenever.

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