Newbie Investor

Investing can be scary at first. It feels difficult and risky to leap into the unknown and do something new with your money. We believe the best way to set you up for success is to give you the information you need, upfront and honestly.

We want to work with you, to understand what you want, what you’re comfortable with and what you can afford to do. Our goal, like yours, is to set you up as a confident investor navigating the path to your financial future.

So, let’s get started. We’re ready when you are.

Get a sense of YOUR full financial picture: Expand/Collapse

Where are your finances at today?

We’ll get things started by sitting down with you and getting the full financial picture. Then we’ll set you on a path to success, a diversified portfolio and well thought out plan in hand. It’s really that easy.

Determine what kind of investor YOU want to be: Expand/Collapse

No matter your goals, it’s important to know what you’re comfortable with - it’ll help you determine what kind of investor you are and how you’ll get to your end goal. To get started you should be able to answer the following:

What is my tolerance for risk?
Up, down, bull, bare. The markets are always changing, and you’ll see it all as you begin to invest. You’ll need to determine how much fluctuation you can weather, and how much risk you’re willing to take on with your portfolio. It’s worth noting: to earn a higher return you have to be comfortable taking on more risk. So, where do you fall? Are you aggressive? Conservative? Or somewhere in between?

What is my timeline?
When do you need to access your investments? Your timeline reflects the period from now until this time - and it’s an important factor in determining risk and asset allocation.

How involved do I want to be?
Plugged into the markets? Do you enjoy checking out new businesses and researching up and coming opportunities? You might just be a hands-on investor.

Or, do you prefer to spend your time elsewhere, leaving your money in the hands of professionals? You might be a hands-off investor.

Whatever kind of investor you are, we've got an expert team, a plan, and a custom solution to suit your needs.

All you have to do is ask.

Benefit from OUR expertise: Expand/Collapse

We aren’t interested in ‘cookie cutter’ solutions, and we’re pretty sure you aren’t either. Innovation and convenience are the foundation we want to build your financial castle on, and that starts with our wealth advisors.

Knowing how to manage wealth and its impact on our community is what we do, and if it's not too braggy to say so, we’re really good at it.

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